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VRS Network

B&S Introduces Trimble's VRSTM (Virtual Reference Station) Networks Provide High Quality RTK Positioning Data on Demand

Trimble VRS

Trimble's VRS networks use RTK solutions from the Trimble® RTKNet software to provide high-accuracy, real-time kinematic (RTK) GNSS positioning for wider areas. A VRS network improves productivity while at the same time reduces costs, by eliminating the need to set up a base station.

A VRS network is made up of the latest in GNSS hardware, modeling and networking software, plus communications interfacing. Once set up, RTK roving receivers in the field have access to real-time network modeled corrections. In the field, you also have the reassurance of the built-in integrity monitoring system that warns if there are any problems with the data.

A Trimble VRS Network can be easily created using a combination of the following Infrastructure products:

  • Trimble NetR3™, Trimble NetR5™ or Trimble NetRS™
  • Zephyr Geodetic™ 2 or GNSS Choke Ring Antenna
  • Trimble GPSNet™ and RTKNet software
  • Trimble Integrity Manager™ software