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Case IH Toys

Case IH Toys

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Elizabeth City, NC Lawn Mower Service and Repair

Mower MaintenanceOIL is Cheap New ENGINES are Not!

  • First service should be done between 5 to 10 hrs of use
  • Should change oil and filter and grease unit
  • After that initial service then we recommend
  • Sharpen blades 10 to 15 hrs of use
  • Should get complete service between 30 to 35 hrs of use
  • Change oil and filter
  • Clean or replace air filter (we do not recommend high pressure air for cleaning)
  • Check fuel filter
  • Clean spark plugs
  • Grease unit
  • Clean cooling system on unit
  • Always keep mowing deck clean and spray with Mo Deck when servicing deck
  • Inspect belts ,steering system and brakes
  • Check rpms of engine/poor running engine can result in poor cutting performance
  • Sharpen or replace blades/dull blades put a strain on belts and engines
  • Sharp blades will extend the life of your mower
  • Always dry mower off after washing down

** Special note: if you have poor cutting performance check tire pressure and condition of blades before loosening any bolts or nuts on machine!