L10 Series Loaders


L10 series loaders deliver features that help make livestock feeding, material handling and other loader work more efficient. Faster cycle times, due to faster hydraulics or the ability to see better and move more nimbly, can help you get more work done, quicker. Premium loaders available for the utility Farmall 90C up through Maxxum, Puma and Magnum tractors. Case IH loaders install and remove in minutes and let you switch easily between attachments. See which model fits your Case IH tractor.


  • L103- Compatible with select utility Farmall C, utility Farmall U, Farmall 100A, Maxxum and Vestrum tractors.
  • L104- Compatible with Farmall 100A tractors.
  • L105- Compatible with Maxxum series tractors.
  • L106- Compatible with Puma 150 - 165 tractors.
  • L107- Compatible with Puma 185 - 240 tractors.
  • L108- Compatible with Magnum 180 - 240 tractors.
  • KEY FEATURES INCLUDE: Key Features of the L10 Series Loaders Include

    FRAMEWORK- Rugged Durability Meets Excellent Visibility Our newly designed L10 Series Loaders were developed with the operator in mind, featuring better visibility, faster operation, improved lift heights and working angles all on a stronger, lighter framework.

    Rugged Durability- Built on the Case IH reputation for rugged durability, we’ve found ways to make the L10 series loaders even stronger. A chambered and embossed arm design increases strength. Cast and forged components add even more strength at critical stress points, helping to ensure lasting reliability and a lower cost of ownership.

    Better Visibility- A curved arm design, along with a low knee and cross-tube positioning, help provide a 30 percent increase in field of vision when the loader is in transport position. This design matches the modern styling of Case IH tractors and provides easy access for routine tractor maintenance. Smart hose routing and protective covers help keep hydraulic lines out of the way and from interfering with sight lines.

    CONNECTIONS: Quick, Tool-Free Connections No loader is easier to mount and dismount than an L10 series loader it can be mounted or removed from the tractor in a minute or less. No tools required, or loose parts to worry about.

    Clear Pin Engagement Confirmation- Get clear visual confirmation of pin engagement from the tractor seat via a green marker on the inside of the bearing box.

    Automatic Implement Locking- Make quick work of attachment change out thanks to safe, ergonomic and automatic implement locking.

    Quick Release Hydraulic Couplers- Speed up connect and disconnect times. Our best-in-class hydraulic quick release couplers simplify hookup of hydraulic-operated attachments even under pressure.

    HYDRAULIC SYSTEM: When you have hundreds of bales to move, saving a few seconds per lift adds up. L10 loaders feature larger ports on the hydraulic cylinders to help optimize oil flow to better match the increased hydraulic capacities of today’s tractors. More-efficient oil flow means the hydraulic system performs faster while generating less heat and using less fuel, resulting in lower operating costs.

    SUSPENSION: Long days on the tractor seem only to get longer when your loader dishes out a beating. Case IH SoftRide loader suspension smooths the bumps of heavy loader work. Accumulators on L10 series loaders provide rapid oil movement and rapid response to any bumps in the road or across the field. This dampening, which can be electrically switched on or off, helps reduce operator fatigue while preserving the loader’s longevity.

    ATTACHMENTS: Case IH offers you what you need to attach your loader to get the job done. See Photos and descriptions on Loaders & Attachment Menu

  • Bale Spear- Great for handling round bales. The longer center tine safely transports the bale and the two shorter lower tines maintains bale control.
  • Combo Bale/Pallet Fork- The rotating steel tubes are mounted on two powerful stone fork tines and are hydraulically adjustable sideways. During bale handling, the steel tubes roll carefully in under the bale.
  • Deluxe Square Bale Fork- The bottom box section is hinged, allowing you to lock the tines in the upright position for safety while driving. Deluxe Bale Extension and Large Bag Lifter can be attached to the Deluxe Square Bale Fork for increased productivity.
  • Heavy Duty Bale Split- Transport and split bales. Both straw and silage bales fall apart in two pieces, simply and smoothly without complicated extra hydraulics.
  • Pallet Fork Bale Spear- Well suited to handle round bales. The longer tine is used to safely transport the bale. The shorter tine keeps the bale from rotating.
  • Standard Square Bale Fork- Simple, robust implement for both round and square bales.
  • Manure Fork- Our manure forks have specially hardened, durable bottom beam. The tines are fitted before painting the implement - metal touches metal. The tines are tightened to a very high torque. All-in-all this gives you an implement with a long service life.
  • Stone Fork- Potentially fill the implement without dropping any stones contained in the bucket. At the front, special downward-angled tines made of Hardox steel are installed. After many hours of work, these can easily be replaced.
  • Heavy Duty Bale Grip- Well suited for smaller square bales. The implement arms distribute the pressure evenly over a large area, and this ensures careful handling of the bales.
  • Grading Bucket- The low back plate and the long, strong base allows the driver perfect visibility to the tip of the bucket. The bucket is supplied with a powerful cutting edge.
  • Heavy Duty Round or Square Bale Grip- Great for handling wrapped square and round bales. The implement arms are extremely stable sliding plates, which move along the main frame. When stacking, it is possible to lock either the right or left arm, which makes for easier work.
  • High Tipping Bucket- High tipping buckets are used for handling high volume materials at high levels, for example for loading grain, grass seed, beet or wood chips.
  • Standard Round Bale Grip- Both the right or left arm can be locked independently, making it possible to stack bales tightly. The implement arms are designed so that it is easy to reverse out from the bale.
  • Light Duty High Capacity Bucket- This bucket series is suitable for handling grain, manure, grass seeds, wood chips and other materials with a low volume weight. The buckets have two vertical reinforcements along the implement hooks.
  • Standard Duty Bucket- The soil bucket the most popular in the range can do everything. The short bucket bottom makes the bucket strong and well suited to heavier tasks. The three large buckets have an extra profile and round pressed back plate across the full width
  • Standard Duty Value Series Bucket- Ideal for lighter duties, this bucket is an excellent choice. The bucket is designed for customers who value functionality ahead of technical benefits.
  • Heavy Duty Bucket- The heavy duty buckets have thicker cutting edges, wider and longer bottom reinforcements, and an extra angle reinforcement inside the bucket next to the implement hooks.
  • Standard Duty High Capacity Bucket- The series is aimed at users who require a large volume. The generous volume measurements are achieved by designing the bucket deeper and taller. All models have double profiles in the bottom as well as along the implement hooks.
  • Heavy Duty High Capacity Bucket- These volume buckets are intended for professional users, with larger tractors, who drive a lot and/or lift heavy loads, and demand exceptional capacity and durability
  • Heavy Duty Bucket with Teeth- Soil bucket with teeth. Same design as Series H.
  • Round Bale King Bucket and HD Grapple- Used primarily for handling round bales, loose hay, twigs and branches, loose silage, manure, and general bucket work. Teeth, protective mesh and grapple arm can easily be removed when only the bucket is needed.
  • Pallet Fork Log Grapple- Suitable for 2200 lbs, 3500 lbs and 5500 lbs pallet forks.
  • Pallet Forks- Wide load-bearing and very stable.
  • Silage King Block Cutter- This implement leaves a clean cut surface in the silo. This prevents air and heat generation, critical for the quality of the silage.
  • Silage King Bucket and Grapple- Primarily used for silage handling. The side ends are tapered. A relatively short base makes it easier to fill the entire bucket.
  • Silage King Extreme Duty Bucket and Grapple- This is a very powerful implement with improved cutting quality, higher strength, and very high working speed.
  • Silage King Fork and Grapple- The close tine distribution almost eliminates the spillage of silage. The tines are mounted in a specially hardened box which does not turn or deform under load.
  • Big Bag Lifter- For safe handling of large bags. The hook can easily be seen from the driver’s seat.
  • Skid Steer Quick Attach Device Adapter- Allows skid steer loader style implements to connect to Euro style loader quick attach devices.
  • Ballast Box- Use the counter weight to properly ballast your machine to maintain weight on the tractor’s rear axle. The coupling axle allows for easy connecting and disconnecting of the implement.
  • 3-point Linkage- This implement can be used like the tractor’s 3-point linkage to help move some implements around the farm.
  • B&S Enterprises, Inc. Case IH Dealer and Technicians- Ready to handle any service issues to keep you going.

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