DC3 Series Disc Mowers Conditioners

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The Case IH DC3 Series Disc Mower Conditioners features a smooth ride, clean cut, superior trailing ability, low transport height, and easy tractor hookup. Fast cutting and high-quality conditioning for superior hay quality and windrow formation. With the Cutting Width from 9' 2"- 16', Cutting Height of .95" - 3.2", Disc Speed from 2,250 to 3,000 RPM and only requiring 60 - 100 HP. The DC3 series disc mower conditioners provide industry leading cut and crimp for optimal windrow formation and superior nutrient retention. Agronomic innovations provide better crop flow and faster dry down while no-tool adjustments get you to the field faster. Available with the quick change knife system and 3 year cutterbar warranty. See B&S Enterprises for details.


  • DC93- 9’2” of cutting width available with rubber roll or flail conditioning.
  • DC103- 10’4” of cutting width glide through lush stands of alfalfa, acres of dense grass and even tough cane crops, at high ground speeds.
  • DC133- Providing industry-leading cut and crimp for superior hay quality and optimal windrow formation with a 13' (4 m) cutterbar width and eight discs.
  • DC163- Providing industry-leading cut and crimp for superior hay quality and optimal windrow formation with a 16' (4.9 m) cutterbar width and 10 discs.
  • CUTTERBAR: Durability and Flexibility

    Modular Design-

  • The fully encased modules provide superior hillside lubrication compared to competitive systems. This system contains any failure internally within a module as there is no free-flowing oil between each.
  • Shock Protection-

  • Each module is protected from damage by an external shear hub located under the disc and on top of the module. The hub is designed to take the damage from a severe impact. Repair is fast and convenient by simply removing a few bolts and replacing the hub. There is no need to open the module exposing the lubricants to chaff and debris.
  • Added Durability-

  • A simplified drive system with fewer parts and larger gears, bearings and interconnecting shafts creates added durability in the DC3 disc mower conditioners.
  • 3-Year Warranty: All DC3 mower conditioner cutterbars are backed by a three-year warranty. This warranty covers all internal drive components.

    CENTER-PIVOT MODELS DC133 AND DC163: The cutterbar on the DC3 series center pivot mower conditioners features a combination of larger disc diameters and wider conditioning systems that allow a short and smooth transition of crop flow to the conditioning system for improved windrow consistency in tall crops.

  • The larger, heavier discs allow for greater shock protection and lower cutting heights at a reduced angle for consistent cut height without scalloping.
  • The innovative cutterbar design aids in the elimination of co-rotating discs from the 13’ model and one set from the 16’ model.
  • CUTTERBAR ACCESS: The Case IH Disc Mower Conditioners are designed to keep you running longer. Easily access the cutterbar to make adjustments or repairs.

    Bi-Fold Doors- Unlike the competition, the bi-fold poly doors on the DC133 and DC163 provide full access to the cutterbar and its components. The poly construction resists dents from foreign objects to keep the machine looking better longer.

    Single-Piece Hood- The single-piece hood on the DC93 and DC103 lifts and locks for full access to the cutterbar. A poly insert protects the hood from impact from foreign objects. The right-hand shield also lifts for access to the cutterbar end and to narrow the unit for road transport.

    CONDITIONERS: The wider conditioners on the Case IH Disc Mower Conditioner series allows for a thinner crop mat, leading to uniform conditioning and greater sun exposure to the wider swath for faster dry down. There is almost a 1-to-1 cut width to conditioner ratio on the DC103 and DC 133 models. The torsion-bar roll-pressure design applies equal force to the conditioning rolls for greater consistency.

    Easy Adjustments- The torsion bar design has a single point of adjustment to fine-tune the roll pressure. No tools are needed to quickly adjust the roll pressure to provide the ideal conditioning of your crop.

    Rubber-on-Rubber- For thorough conditioning of leafy crops, the chevron rubber rolls provide full-stem crimping and cracking while delicately handling the leaves. Constructed with high-wear rubber for years of life. Rubber rolls are available on all models.

    Steel-on-Steel- Chevron steel-on-steel conditioning rolls offer long life and durability in abrasive soils or rocky conditions. The chevron pattern provides aggressive full-stem crimping — a true advantage in cane-type crops and high-volume grasses. Steel rolls are available on the DC103, DC133 and DC163.

    Flail Conditioning- The Case IH flail system provides a scuffing action on the stem, removing the waxy outer layer for faster dry-down in grass. The semi-swinging design ensures the crop is released at the optimum position to create fast drying, uniform windrows. Available on all models.

    HITCHES: Maximum Turning Performance choose either the drawbar swivel hitch or two-point swivel hitch and get maximum turning performance with zero driveline wrap-up. PTO power is transferred from the front swivel gearbox to a second swivel gearbox at the rear of the tongue that maintains perfect alignment of the driveshaft to the cutterbar gearbox

    Drawbar Swivel Hitch- Available as a standard option on the DC133 and DC163 and an additional option on the DC103.

    Two-Point Swivel Hitch- Available as a standard option on the DC133 and DC163 and an additional option on the DC103.

    Clevis Hitch- A simple clevis hitch is standard on the DC93 and DC103

    ADJUSTMENTS: No Tool Adjustments

  • Several systems on the disc mower conditioners can be adjusted without tools, letting you get into the field faster.
  • Windrow Formation- Swathgate and forming shields are easily adjusted without tools. Spread wide or narrow to fit your needs.
  • Conditioning Roll Pressure- A single point of adjustment fine tunes the roll pressure.
  • Knife Maintenance- The provided tool allows you to change the quick-change knives in seconds.
  • Cutting Height- Repositioning a pin in the hydraulic tilt cylinder changes the cutting height.
  • B&S Enterprises, Inc. Case IH Dealer and Technicians- Ready to handle any service issues to keep you going.

  • Contact B&S Enterprises your local expert to learn more, compare specs or schedule a demo.
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