Disc Mowers

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Case IH disc mowers handle tough conditions while delivering clean cutting performance, maneuverability, durability, and overall value. With a optional models that have Cutting Widths from 5' 6" - 9' 2", Cutting Height of .63" -3.25", Disc Speed UP TO 3,154 RPM and only requiring 35 - 60 HP. ​Case IH stands behind its rugged cutterbar with a 3-Year Warranty HD models only. See B&S Enterprises for details.


  • MD73 (HD)- 6' 8" cutting width, 5 oval cutting discs & cutterbar shock protection is standard
  • MD83 (HD)- 7' 10" cutting width, 6 oval cutting discs & cutterbar shock protection is standard
  • MD93 (HD)- 9' 2" cutting width, 7 oval cutting discs & cutterbar shock protection is standard
  • MDX21 (Econ)-5' 6" cutting width, 4 oval cutting discs, 540-rpm PTO driveline with overrunning clutch to protect the tractor driveline
  • MDX31 (Econ)-6' 9" cutting width, 5 oval cutting discs, 540-rpm PTO driveline with overrunning clutch to protect the tractor driveline
  • MDX41 (Econ)- 7' 11" cutting width, 6 oval cutting discs, 540-rpm PTO driveline with overrunning clutch to protect the tractor driveline
  • HITCH: Quick Hitch Compatibility

  • MD3 disc mowers now have quick hitch compatibility to conveniently hook up and disconnect.
  • Quick hitch capability is standard.
  • Economy Model Features: Features include:

  • Two high-quality, reversible knives per disc on four, five or six oval cutting discs.
  • Rock guards and skid shoes to protect discs and carry the cutterbar over uneven ground.
  • An enclosed gear-driven cutterbar that provides years of reliable service.
  • A 540-rpm PTO driveline with overrunning clutch to protect the tractor driveline.
  • Adjustable flotation springs for changing cutterbar ground pressure.
  • An articulation joint that allows mowers to operate above and below horizontal.
  • A spring-loaded breakaway latch that protects the cutterbar.
  • A single-acting hydraulic cylinder that easily lifts the cutterbar after each pass.
  • 3-point hitch mounting.
  • HD Model Features: Heavy-Duty MD73, MD83 AND MD93

  • Cutterbar shock protection standard.
  • Handles most any crop condition, from wet field to downed crops.
  • Built with heat-treated components to stand up to extreme conditions.
  • Uses a close-coupled design for maximum ride stability, especially in tight turns​.
  • Modular Cutterbar:

  • Results in superior crop flow that reduces streaking.
  • Ensures quick mowing.
  • Heavy-duty frame and rugged canopy use a cantilevered design for smooth crop flow across cutterbar.
  • Quick Change Knives:

  • ​Reversible knife blades change quickly without raising the cutterbed.
  • Knife bolts are located on top of the modular discs for easy access.
  • Rotating Modular Knife Blades: A rotating modular knife blade provides thorough and uniform crop cutting.

  • Each disc houses two knife blades.
  • Blades rotate at 3,000 rpm.
  • Disc hardware is specially designed and treated for extreme durability to resist abrasive conditions.
  • Independent, Sealed and Self-Contained Modules Resist Damage.
  • Short, independent splined driveshaft sections link modules.
  • Shafts are made from alloy steel with roll-formed splines for strength and are hardened for added durability.
  • Smooth-profile Discs:

  • Lift crop into the cutting zone for plug-free mowing, provides a consistent swath for more even drying.
  • Each disc is 3/16-in (4.8-mm)-thick and heat treated to resist damage.
  • Discs are shielded by 1/4-in (6.4-mm)-thick by 8-in (203-mm)-wide skid shoe. The shape of skid shoes work with the tilt of the cutterbar to provide a wide range of mowing heights.
  • The gearbox oil in modular cutting discs performs up to 200 hours between changes.
  • Maintenance:

  • MD73, MD83 and MD93 — engineered for ease of maintenance.
  • Discs can be in any position when performing maintenance.
  • If an object is struck during operation, a spring-loaded cutterbed breakaway latch releases.
  • Greasable, sintered bushings ensure the cutterbar releases fully when the breakaway latch is activated.
  • A heavy-duty, puncture-resistant curtain provides protection for operator and bystanders.
  • High-stress components are protected from debris by T-seal washers and lip seals.
  • Hassle-free Transport: When in the transport position, the MD73, MD83 and MD93 become compact packages with ride stability and plenty of ground clearance.

  • The cutterbar transport lock automatically engages for a secure hold.
  • The cutterbar is spring-balanced from end to end: allows the mower to glide over uneven terrain smoothly and can be adjusted for all conditions.
  • The V-belt tension spring has an easily visible indicator for quick inspection of belt tension: changing belt tension is convenient with single-point adjustment and no shields to remove.
  • A tethered pin activates the flotation spring for cutting and is re-positioned when using the parking stand.
  • B&S Enterprises, Inc. Case IH Dealer and Technicians- Ready to handle any service issues to keep you going.

  • Contact B&S Enterprises your local expert to learn more, compare specs or schedule a demo.
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