Windrower Draper Headers


Case IH Windrower Draper Headers DH3 series make quick work of big acreage, with double-knife and double-swath options. The heads are compatible with all Case IH WD3 Series II and WD4 windrowers. With model options from 25 to 40 ft cutting widths, 1 or 2 Sickles, 1,400 spm Sickle speed and a 2-8 degree angle range. Making your maximum cutting for more acres in less time.


  • DH252- The DH252 features a cutting width of 25 ft, and double-knife and double-swath options for an efficient harvest.
  • DH253- With a 25 ft cutting width plus your option of single or double knives and double swath or standard decks, the DH253 lets you make quick work of a large acreage.
  • DH302- The DH302, a 30 foot draper header with double-knife and double-swath options, delivers efficient cutting action for large acreage
  • DH303- The DH303 provides a 30 ft cutting width, your choice of single or dual knives, and double swath or standard decks. for the configuration you need.
  • DH362- With a 36 ft cutting width, dual knife, and double-swath options, the DH362 delivers efficient cutting action and smooth crop flow.
  • DH363- The DH363 with a 36 ft cutting width and choice of single or dual knives plus double swath or standard decks delivers high-capacity harvesting and efficient cutting.
  • DH403- With the widest cutting width at 40 ft plus single or dual knives and double swath or standard decks, the DH403 delivers cutting efficiency and superior productivity.
  • D2 CUTTERBAR TECHNOLOGY: Enhanced Cutting Performance

  • Low-profile design, ideal for harvesting short crops.
  • The large-diameter reel provides superior delivery of crops from the cutterbar to draper belts.
  • Choose from five- or six-bat pickup reels with steel or plastic fingers; Pickup reels lift crop to the cutterbar in downed crop conditions.
  • Durable cutterbar skid shoes (Recommended when running header close to the ground for a low cut height).
  • The hay guard fits behind the cutterbar to direct crop on top of draper belts.
  • Maximize Time & Acres- Dual Circuit Header Drive provides more power to the knife drive and draper belts for faster cutting and better swath formation.

  • All-new 40-foot draper header covers more acres in less time.
  • Low-profile cutterbar cuts closer and cleaner to reduce harvest loss.
  • Higher Throughput Capacity- Wider windrow/swath opening – up to 72 inches – creates smoother crop flow.

  • Improved crop feeding with shallow-angled header top section.
  • More consistent swath formation thanks to a two circuit hydraulic system.
  • Handles the Toughest Conditions- All-new frame design with heavy-duty reel arms provides increased strength and durability.

  • Center drive draper belts provide consistent crop flow through the header even in high volume crop conditions.
  • Heavy-duty cutter bar system is more durable in rocky conditions and provides a clean cut in heavy wet crops.
  • Basic Unit Notes- All DH3 series draper headers are not compatible with MY2013 and prior Windrowers.

  • DH2 series draper headers and prior models are compatible with MY2014 Windrowers.
  • Model Year 2014 Windrowers with the draper package feature twin 40 GPM header drive pumps.
  • New 40 Foot Draper Head available for WD1903 and WD2303.
  • Increases drive power minimizing header stalling in adverse field conditions.
  • DH3 CUTTERBAR IMPROVEMENTS: Cutterbar Improvements for Greater Operational Efficiency.

    Frame- Draper angle decreased from 20 degrees to 15 degrees for improved feeding and visibility

  • Tube design angled for increased strength and visibility.
  • Ground Cutting and Crop Feeding- Shallow-angled top section for improved crop feeding and reel cleaning.

  • Low profile bottom for close-to-ground cutting at lesser guard angle (7/8" at 2 degrees of tilt).
  • Cutting System- Case IH cutting system with new raised style knife head

  • Schumacher cutting system .
  • Case IH stub guard cutting system.
  • Draper Deck- Double V-Guide drapers for double life (reversible) and edge seal to keep trash out.

  • Improved deck sliding by shifting decks on UHMW blocks with added space to allow material to clean out.
  • Drive rollers at inside end of drapers for increased traction.
  • Draper Deck Modifications- Deck sizes standard between SSW and DSW units. Only difference being the end tin (2" wider on DSW units allowing opening to be made 4" smaller)

  • 72" to 60" adjustable center-delivery heads.
  • 72" to 56" adjustable on double-swath heads.
  • Rear opening can be increased to 80" by removing back panel extensions.
  • Gauge Wheel Configuration- New Crop dividers, with adjustable angle and interchangeable ends (pipe and cone), are simple to install and reduce trampling.

  • Coil spring-over-shock absorber.
  • Quick adjust design.
  • Provides superior ground following and float.
  • Increased strength in control arm.
  • HYDRAULIC FLOTATION SYSTEM: Allows the header to closely follow ground contours so you capture all the crop you grow. The return-to-cut feature uses cut height cylinders on each lift arm to easily return to the preset cutting height on each pass. Make this adjustment easily from the seat of the cab using the cut height control switches on the MultiFunction Propulsion Lever.

    Hydraulic System-Two circuit hydraulic system- System 1 runs knife & System 2 runs reel and draper

  • Reel and draper circuit has a priority flow system that allows base unit to be programmed for draper and reel to sync with ground speed.
  • All circuits have speed sensors for in cab monitoring.
  • Reel Arms- Steeper attack angle for improved crop feeding and less risk of running reel tines into knife during fore/aft operation.

  • 2" x 3" tubing for increased strength.
  • TRANSPORT OPTIONS: Heads are available without transport system

    Transport - 25 & 30 Ft. Headers- 2-wheel, removable/swing away transport system similar to DH2 Series.

    Transport - 35 & 40 Ft. Headers- Integral 4-wheel dolly transport system.

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