Nutri-Placer Pull-type Applicators


Nutri-Placer Pull-type Fertilizer Applicators Designed to improve the productivity of every pass and built to the standard of professional producers and commercial applications, the Nutri-Placer family is made for precise NH3 and nutrient management so you can cover more acres in a day. Nutri-Placer® pull-type fertilizer applicators are designed to improve the productivity of every pass. With durability, flexibility and reliability that has been proven on millions of acres and a variety of field conditions, the Nutri-Placer family will fit nearly any soil type. Built to the standard of both professional producers and commercial applications, you can count on the Nutri-Placer for precise nutrient management. With a wide range of options, horsepower requirements range from 100 - 598 HP, Transport Widths from 12' 4" - 18' 9", Transport Height of 9' 8" - 13' 9" and 15" - 40" Row spacing.

CURRENT MODELS: Choose From Two Rugged Models and Three Blade Options

  • Nurti-Placer 920- The Nutri-Placer 920 comes in either 1,650 or 2,050 gallon (6,246 or 7,760 L) capacity configurations for more time in the field.
  • Nurti-Placer 930- The Nutri-Placer 930 has proven ground engaging components for optimal NH3 placement. In addition to a shank style applicator, it includes a High-speed Low Disturbance (HSLD) Coulter option for optimal residue cover and greater productivity. It is available in five widths ranging from 27.5 to 47.5 ft (8.4-14.5 m).
  • Nurti-Placer 940- Featuring a working width ranging from 60 to 65 ft (18.3 to 19.8 m) the Nutri-Placer 940 is available 15 or 30 in (381 or 762 mm) row spacing to meet your needs.
  • Nurti-Placer 2800- The Nutri-Placer 2800 is available in 17.5 or 37.5 ft (5.3 or 11.4m) widths and three tank sizes. It features adjustable or fixed axles and your choice of either a ground driven piston pump or a hydraulic pump.
  • Nurti-Placer 5330- The Nutri-Placer 5300 mounted or pull-type applicator versions can be used for both pre-plant and side-dress application, to band nutrients in the soil root zone for optimum fertilizer utilization.
  • NEW FOR 2020: Capable of speeds up to 11 mph, Nutri-Placer 930 and Nutri-Placer 940 models are now available with a High-speed Low Disturbance (HSLD) Row Unit. This new option allows you to cover more than 900 acres in a 12-hour day. And this increased productivity is matched with superior agronomic performance. In extensive field testing, the HSLD Row Unit provided better residue cover and a more level surface finish than other coulter-style applicators available. Spring or fall, producers and professional applicators can count on the Nutri-Placer HSLD coulter to make the most of every acre, every application.

  • The Nutri-Placer 930 HSLD places nutrients up to 6 inches deep in the root zone — when and where crops need it most.
  • New 22.6-inch single Coulter cuts through residue with minimal soil disturbance for improved nutrient retention.
  • Industry’s highest speed capability provides increased acres per hour, lower tractor hours and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Cast-iron components and reduced maintenance keep you in the field during fall, preplant and side-dress applications.
  • Perfect Field Finish- Cuts through heavy residue without plugging — even at high speeds and in tough, fast-changing conditions.

  • In Case IH field testing, the Nutri-Placer 930 HSLD provided better residue cover, significantly fewer clods and reduced lateral soil movement compared with competitive coulter-style applicators.
  • Uniform surface finish preserves valuable ground cover in highly erodible land and heavy, no-till corn conditions.
  • Improves soil and moisture retention to reduce run-off and maximize crop uptake.
  • Enhanced Row Unit- 22.6-inch single Coulter cuts through residue with minimal soil disturbance up to 11 mph. A 4-degree blade angle opens a precise slot for accurate nutrient placement.

  • Spring loaded, cast-iron knife features carbide inserts for extended wear and protection of fertilizer tubes. A rear Beaver Tail attachment with tungsten carbide weld ensures optimal fertilizer placement.
  • Wiper wheel holds soil in place while the Coulter opens a slot. It also eliminates soil and residue buildup between the wiper and Coulter blade.
  • Closing system features a SharkTooth blade and walking tandem press wheel to firm the soil. No-tools required spring down pressure and pivot range adjustments make changes quick and easy.

    Row Unit Options- The ground-engaging components on the Nutri-Placer fertilizer applicator help you more precisely place nutrients. Choose from three row unit options, including the new High-Speed Low Disturbance (HSLD) Coulter.

    High-clearance Shank- High-clearance Shank (HCS) mount available on the 930 and 940 models.

  • Built with auto-reset design with adjustable down pressure to either 850 or 1,250 pounds.
  • Equipped with 1¼-by-2-inch edge-bent shank.
  • High, under-frame clearance allows for residue flow.
  • Heavy-duty Spring Shank Option- Available on the 930 and 940 models

    High-speed Low Disturbance- Single-disk coulter cuts through residue with minimal soil disturbance

  • 4-degree blade angle opens a precise slot for accurate nutrient placement
  • Right and left coulter positioning delivers accuracy down to each individual row
  • Only available on 930 and 940 models.
  • ROBUST FRAME DESIGN: Dependable Features to Boost Productivity from the rugged frame to easy folding for transport, the Nutri-Placer was built to cover a lot of acres in a day. It delivers durability you can count on season after season.

    Main Frame and Wing Design-

  • Commercial quality, robust frame
  • 3- or 5-section flex wings follow the ground contour
  • LED lighting provides bright, reliable and safe transport
  • Single-point and Hydraulic Depth Control-

  • Adjust depth quickly and easily across a variety of field conditions
  • System maintains equal depth across the implement
  • Weighted handle eliminates unwanted adjustments
  • Transport-

  • Single-, double- or triple-fold transport modes.
  • Large wing fold cylinders.
  • Standard radial tires for main transport.
  • LED lighting provides reliability and safety.
  • Wheels and Axles-

  • Easy-leveling turnbuckles for wing wheel adjustments on double-fold units.
  • Heavy Duty Spring Shank or High Clearance Shank tires.
  • Standard Bias Ply tires on all sections.
  • Optional radial tires for main transport and wing wheels.
  • HSLD.
  • Standard radial tires for main transport and wing wheels.
  • Durable axle design keeps you running field after field.
  • HITCHES AND ATTACHMENTS: Options to Match Your Needs, the front hitch allows you to hook up to your tractor and get going, and your rear hitch allows tow-behind implements and tanks.

    Rear Hitch and Attachments-

  • Optional constant level rear hitch provides 25,000 pounds towing capacity.
  • Extendable and swinging rear hitch provides simple and easy hitching to anhydrous tanks.
  • Simple and reliable hook-up of additional implements and anhydrous ammonia tanks.
  • Customize Your Toolbar-

  • Select from three row unit options: High-speed Low Disturbance (HSLD), high-clearance shank or heavy-duty spring shank.
  • Independent, pivoting coulters follow ground contour.
  • 15- or 30-inch row spacing, or flexible coulter spacing to meet the needs of custom applicators.
  • AFS TECHNOLOGY: Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) helps you precisely manage nutrients. From autoguidance that helps keep each pass straight to variable-rate application that helps you more efficiently apply nutrients to a fully integrated platform that gathers data during every phase of production, AFS is the ideal fertilizer companion.

    AFS AccuGuide- AFS AccuGuide autoguidance delivers year-to-year repeatable accuracy at sub-inch levels so you can:

  • Reduce skips and overlaps.
  • Save on fuel and labor costs.
  • Better manage fertilizer and chemical inputs.
  • Data Management and Analysis- View, edit, manage, analyze and utilize your or your customer’s precision farming data. With AFS software, you can:

  • Generate yield maps, prescription maps and more.
  • Create soil sampling maps, generate and print reports and import satellite imagery.
  • Securely and easily import and manage all data sources using your AFS software.
  • Get instant access to real-time machine data.
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