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Case IH Disk Rippers Tackle your primary tillage needs with a Case IH disk ripper — built for durability in tough conditions and flexibility to match your needs. Available across the 2020 Case IH tillage lineup, AFS Soil Command agronomic control technology helps you precisely coordinate control of your tillage equipment as conditions change, to unlock more agronomic potential of the seedbed. With AFS Soil Command, operators can make agronomically correct adjustments from the seat of the tractor, ensuring the entire machine is properly set. On the Ecolo-Tiger 875, AFS Soil Command optimizes fore aft levelness, crumbler pressure, disk gang depth and leveler depth as shank depth is adjusted. Position and placement of each function is determined by in-cylinder mounted position sensors. Known for their reliability and durability, these sensors help finely tuned adjustments of a tenth of an inch. Bringing you optional Working Widths from 11' 3" - 26' 0", Transport Widths from 14' 0" - 21' 8", with 5 - 13 Shanks and a 24" - 30" Shank Spacing.


  • Tiger-Mate 255- Look to the Tiger-Mate 255 for the durability and Agronomic Design features you need to create a high-efficiency seedbed for more efficient planting and maximum yield.
  • Ecolo-Tiger 527B- Excellent disk ripper for smaller tractors with PTO hp requirement of just 140-180 (104-134 kW).
  • Ecolo-Tiger 530C- Field-tested and proven, improved with more than 23 design updates. Works best with Magnum Series tractors for optimal soil management.
  • Ecolo-Tiger 730C- Field-tested and proven, improved with more than 23 design updates. Works best with Steiger Series tractors for optimal soil management.
  • Ecolo-Tiger 875- The most aggressive disk ripper on the market with aggressive disk-cutting power, high underframe clearance, and minimum 36-inch spacing between points.
  • Conser-Till 690- Built for durability in tough conditions and flexibility to match your needs.
  • RESIDUE MANAGEMENT: Reduce Erosion and Increase Production Capacity Case IH disk rippers help you cut, size and mix crop residue to reduce erosion and increase production capacity. This effective crop residue management allows you to:

  • Increase organic-matter content in the soil.
  • Provide a soil / residue mixture that allows moisture to penetrate the subsoil faster.
  • Decrease erosion through improved porosity and drainage .
  • BT Residue Tool- With the adoption of BT Hybrids, you need aggressive disk components capable of cutting and mixing the tougher stalks. The Case IH Ecolo-Tiger 875 tackles BT residue with:

  • 24-in. (610-mm) individual disks or optional, huge, 26-in. (660-mm) cushion gang disks.
  • 12-in. (304-mm) spacing between gang disks.
  • A split-the-middle gang position front to back.
  • Reduces stalk size for improved flow and better mixing.
  • Earth Metal Blades- The Ecolo-Tiger 527B, 530C, 730C and 875 and Conser-Till 690 are fitted with Earth Metal blades, which feature:

  • A 24-in. (610-mm) or 26-in. (Ecolo-Tiger 875 only) diameter.
  • Patented index position relative to the shanks.
  • Increased ductility and reduced breakage.
  • Boron steel that, when heat-treated, enhances the hardness without affecting ductility.
  • This balance allows for a longer wearing blade while providing breakage resistance.
  • A flat center that matches perfectly with each nodular cast iron spool. This produces the strongest possible joints with gangs that stay tight.
  • A crimped center, which provides added strength in high-stress areas of the disk blade.
  • Conser-Till Unique Features- The Conser-Till 690 mulch-till ripper provides a unique package of conservation-tillage features to break up compaction while keeping crop residue on the surface:

  • Superior soil penetration with shallow-concavity front disk blades.
  • Proven Case IH deep, parabolic shanks with patented Tiger Points.
  • Full-concavity rear disk blade allow for consistent output in the heaviest residue and soil conditions.
  • These features provide superior performance at ground speeds up to 7 mph (11.3 kph).
  • SOIL COMPACTION: Ideal 50/50 Soil Composition — known as soil tilth — is 50% soil and 50% pore space, with water and air equally distributed within the pore space. Soil compaction eliminates this needed pore space and is a common yield-robbing culprit. It can be caused by:

  • Numerous passes of heavy equipment.
  • Planting early in wet soil.
  • The hydraulic effect of heavy rains.
  • Repetitive conventional/traditional tillage at the same depth.
  • Varying soil textures throughout a field.
  • Lack of crop rotation.
  • Controlling Compaction- Proper primary tillage using a Case IH disk ripper effectively fractures compaction to:

  • Increase soil tilth.
  • Allow vigorous root development.
  • Promote better stands and higher-yielding plants.
  • Warm soils faster and more evenly for earlier spring planting.
  • Increase water absorption and infiltration.
  • Reduce ponding.
  • Patented Tiger Points- Patented Case IH Tiger points, featured on all Case IH disk rippers, have wings that extend downward, rearward and outward. This revolutionary design creates a “lift, twist and roll” action that:

  • Shatters compaction.
  • Relocates soil particles.
  • Creates an open, mellow, healthier soil with excellent pore space and distribution.
  • Moves fertilizer to the root growing area.
  • Allows for maximum soil tilth.
  • SEEDBED CONDITIONING: Maximize Yield Potential Case IH disk rippers give you the flexibility to finish the field to match your farming practices. Create a first-pass soil surface that settles level prior to secondary tillage and planting. Our disk rippers also help maximize each plant’s yield potential, and lead to a more uniform plant stand.

    Double-edge Tigerpaw Crumbler- The mounted Tiger-Paw Crumbler on the Ecolo-Tiger 875 features patented double-edge bars to reduce clods to 6 inches or less and puts the finishing touches to the fall seedbed for a high-efficiency planting condition. The optional Crumbler:

  • Is available with spring downforce only, hydraulic positioning (lift, float or down pressure), or hydraulic down pressure (AFS Soil Command only)
  • Knocks soil off of root crowns
  • Ideally sizes clods for a superior field finish
  • LEVELING & DEPTH CONTROL OPTIONAL ATTACHMENT: Use a Case IH disk leveler to evenly distribute soil and residue across the soil surface.

  • Allows you to apply heavier down-pressure
  • Creates a more uniform surface promoting consistent warming for earlier planting in the spring
  • Matched, offset blades on a common mount fill in the furrow created by the shank and Tiger Point
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