In-Line Rippers


Case IH In-line Rippers are versatile primary tillage tools designed to limit compaction and control moisture for enhanced soil conditions that promote high yields. Effective for both conventional and no-till or conservation tillage practices, we have options to fit your operation. Bringing you optional Working Widths from 7'6"- 26'6", Row Spacing from 30"- 40", with 22" Coulter Diameter and horsepower only requirement of 28-38 HP/Shank.


  • Ecolo-Til 2500- The Ecolo-Til 2500 can be customized to handle residue according to your farming practice, from leaving very little residue to leaving the soil and residue visually undisturbed.
  • NEW FOR 2020! The Ecolo-Til 2500 is now available in a rigid-mounted configuration that performs effective primary tillage in six shanks with 38-inch spacing. Long offered in a compact, convenient folding configuration, the new rigid-mounted option provides an increasingly simple, yet durable, option to create optimum soil tilth and little surface disturbance.

    Superior Seedbed Environment- Use Case IH in-line rippers to effectively manage post-harvest residue through sizing, placement and incorporation. You will create an environment that will:

  • Encourage proper seed placement
  • Help protect soil surface and water quality
  • Conserve resources
  • Soil tilth promotes-

  • Improved water percolation and infiltration
  • Uninhibited root development for healthy plant development throughout the growing season
  • Uniform emergence
  • A better growing environment
  • Higher yield potential
  • The Ecolo-Til 2500 can be equipped with an optional disk leveler-

  • Evenly distributes soil and residue across the soil surface
  • Allows the soil surface to settle prior to secondary tillage and/or planting
  • Promote Early Germination and Plant Emergence: Case IH in-line rippers promote early germination and plant emergence — critical factors in achieving maximum yields.

    Enhanced Soil Conditions: Case IH in-line rippers help remove variation in no-till soil conditions.

  • Correctly size and incorporate residue into the soil
  • Protect soil from erosion
  • Prevent surface crusting
  • Promote a healthy exchange of soil and water
  • Enhance soil warming
  • Allow plants to germinate and emerge earlier
  • Erosion and Moisture Control: Limit topsoil losses and manage moisture more efficiently by using Case IH in-line rippers.

  • Retain water during dry periods
  • Water evaporates more readily in saturated soil conditions
  • Reduce erosion, runoff and compaction from heavy rainfall
  • Increase remaining residue in no-till and strip-till operations for maximum erosion control
  • Place Nutrients in the Root Zone: Case IH in-line rippers with root zone banding place nutrients in the root zone where those nutrients are available for roots when plants need them most.

  • Create a more ideal balance of soil, air and water
  • Roots grow deeper
  • Roots contact more soil for better nutrient uptake
  • Reduce Runoff: Nutrient runoff during periods of heavy rain is reduced by Case IH in-line rippers.

  • Roots absorb more nutrients due to proper management of residue and soil tilth
  • Nutrients are banded in the root zone
  • Runoff and water contamination are reduced
  • Efficiency of nutrient placement is improved
  • Root Zone Banding: By placing fertilizer in the root zone, roots are allowed to take up more food for a longer period of time.

  • Nutrient tie-up with surface residue is eliminated
  • Nutrients are available for a longer period of time , even in dry weather
  • Produces proven, higher yields than surface broadcasting
  • Return on fertilizer and seed investment is maximized
  • Promote Healthy Soil Tilth: Count on Case IH in-line rippers to promote healthy soil tilth — soil better able to absorb and hold water for plant growth.

    Key to Higher Yields: Soil tilth determines the level of root and plant growth the soil will support. Using Case IH in-line rippers:

  • Allows air and water key to plant growth to deeply infiltrate the root zone
  • Helps soil store water during dry periods and drain during wet periods
  • In low-moisture conditions, healthy soil can mean the difference between healthy plants and drought stress.
  • Managing Soil Compaction: Breaking up soil compaction helps promote root growth and high yields. Use Case IH in-line rippers to address compaction caused by:

  • High traffic loads caused by heavy machinery
  • Repeated tillage with the same implement at the same depth
  • Influences of rainfall
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