Farmall A Utility Series


The Farmall Utility A Series tractors The Utility A series tractors deliver value to your operation. These hardworking tractors are economical while also being feature-loaded from durable, efficient engines and transmissions to a comfortable operator’s area.

The NEW 2020 Farmall 95A, 105A and 115A tractors feature more horsepower to accomplish the most demanding tasks on your operation. Greater durability, more features and ultra-comfortable cab options make these new models a perfect fit for beef and dairy operations; mixed farms; and specialty operations, such as poultry farms, orchards and vineyards.


  • Farmall Utility 50A- This next-generation Farmall Utility 50A has the specifications necessary to meet the demands of the task, without breaking your budget. Featuring a FPT 2.2L turbocharged and intercooled engine.
  • Farmall Utility 55A- With 54 engine horsepower at 2300 ERPM, this tractor is the perfect everyday chore tractor.
  • Farmall Utility 60A- The Farmall Utility 60A is loaded with value for any operation. It delivers 60 engine HP and 51 PTO HP.
  • Farmall Utility 65A- The Farmall Utility 65 A tractor delivers 64 engine horsepower at 2300 ERPM, providing both value and versatility.
  • Farmall Utility 70A- Featuring 70 gross engine HP and 62 PTO HP, the Farmall Utility 70A has what it takes to get the job done.
  • Farmall Utility 75A- The strongest of the Farmall Utility A lineup with 74 engine horsepower at 2300 RPM, this tractor can handle your tough jobs around the farmyard.
  • Farmall Utility 95A- The Farmall 95A delivers value and durability for a range of operations, and is feature-packed for a more productive ride.
  • Farmall Utility 105A- The Farmall 105A is economical, efficient and durable, delivering 112 engine HP and 92 PTO HP.
  • Farmall Utility 115A- The strongest of the Farmall utility A lineup with 120 engine HP at 2,300 RPM, this tractor is packed with power to handle the most demanding jobs.
  • ENGINE: More Power and Performance with a turbocharged, electronically controlled engine features a tunnel block design that ensures ruggedness and easy maintenance without sacrificing power, efficiency or performance. Nine available models range from 53 to 120 hp (43 to 100 PTO hp).

    Common Rail Direct Injection- An electronic high-pressure common rail fuel system precisely meters fuel as power demands, delivering both performance and fuel efficiency. This fuel system also provides improved throttle response, fast recovery to load and quieter engine operation with less vibration.

    Tier 4 B/Final Compliant- Engines use an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system to meet Tier 4 B/Final requirements.

    TRANSMISSION OPTIONS: Transmission Options For Your Operation.

  • Easy to Shift, Easy to Operate Farmall Utility A tractors feature a simple, straightforward 8x8 mechanical transmission that’s easy to operate.
  • Also available is a 12x12 power shuttle. This increases efficiency and is an especially valuable convenience when doing loader work.
  • An optional creeper transmission can be added to the 12x12 transmission of Farmall Utility A tractors. This adds eight very slow forward speeds and eight very slow reverse speeds, providing a 20x20 transmission for operational speeds as slow as 6 feet per minute.
  • OPERATORS ENVIRONMENT: Hard Work That Goes Easier on You when the work is tough. The hours are long. Out here in the real world, operator comfort is no luxury it’s a necessity. To help you stay productive day after day, Farmall Utility A series tractors offer a smooth ride with a comfortable seat, ergonomic, intuitive controls and a new spacious cab option to let any operator work all day, in any weather.

    Open Platform- A large, open semi-straddle operator’s platform provides easy entrance and exit from either side. There’s no between-the-legs controls to get in your way, and the steel platform is stamped for proper grip while easily draining water and debris.

    Steer With Ease- Hydrostatic steering provides outstanding maneuverability especially during loader work and eases operator fatigue when making frequent headland turns in the hay field or during other operations.

    Contoured Seat- A comfortable, contoured, fully adjustable seat fits each individual operator, making it easier to stay in the seat and see the day’s projects through to the finish.

    HVAC- Temperature control in new cabbed tractors provide additional comfort to make long days feel shorter.

    Factory-installed Loader Joystick- A loader turns your tractor into a versatile, powerful workhorse. To get the greatest productivity from your loader, it should be easy to operate. An optional factory-installed loader joystick integrates into the right-hand console.

    Easy Access- All controls and levers are within easy reach from the comfort of the operator seat. PTO engagement is located on the left side of the seat. Hydraulic remote levers and 3-point position controls are conveniently located on the right-hand side of the seat, as is the transmission shift lever.

    Easy to Use- Easy-to-use controls and automotive-style gauges make the Farmall Utility A series ideal for less-experienced operators.

    Hand and Foot Throttles- An important comfort factor often is simply the flexibility to choose what’s most comfortable for you or for the given task. Hand and foot throttles on the Farmall Utility A series let you pick. It’s this kind of flexibility that helps ease operator fatigue and shorten those long workdays.

    Room to Move- The large, obstacle-free operator’s platform provides excellent all-around visibility from the tractor seat, including rear visibility to the drawbar, PTO and 3-point hitch.

    Looking Ahead- The stylish, sloped hood on Farmall series tractors provides clear, unobstructed forward sightlines to the front wheels, loader and other front-mount attachments.

    Instrumentation- Well-placed controls and the instrumentation dash’s design provide easy access without inhibiting visibility. An automotive-style instrument cluster makes operation easy and familiar.

    Protection With Flexibility- A two-post ROPS provides protection without sacrificing visibility. The structure is foldable so you can complete tasks in low-overhead areas, and an optional sunshade canopy provides sun protection on long, hot days.

    PTO, HYDRAULICS & HITCHES: Ready for a Hard Day’s Work While the Farmall Utility A series gives you the power you need at an excellent value, where these tractors truly shine is when you tap into our full suite of implements and attachments. To do that, you need reliable power and ease of use. And that’s exactly how we designed our tractors.

    PTO- A 540 rpm rear PTO comes standard. Or, choose a 540/540E PTO option for greater fuel efficiency during less-demanding applications.

    Hydraulics- Flow Rate: A high-capacity hydraulic flow gives you the power you need for all kinds of heavy lifting, from loaders and backhoes to rear blades and rotary tillers.

  • Remotes: Farmall Utility A series tractors include one, two or three standard rear remotes. Tractors with the factory-installed loader-ready option feature two mid-mount remotes.
  • Color-coding: Color-coded hydraulic levers and couplers simplify hookup.
  • Loader availabilities: Loaders available in mechanical self-leveling and nonself-leveling, with a range of attachment options from buckets to pallet forks to bale-handling equipment to meet any need.
  • Hitches- Heavy-duty 3-point: Telescopic stabilizers, along with available flex end lower links, simplify implement attachment. A single turnbuckle levels attachments. Mechanical positioning and an adjustable drop rate put you in complete control.

  • Hitch lift capacities: Farmall Utility A tractors feature industry-leading rear hitch lift capacities.
  • Extendable Drawbar: An extendable drawbar lets you customize towed implements to your desired position.
  • AXLE & TIRES: The Right Traction and Tires for the Job Choice is good. Whether cutting, putting up or hauling hay, cleaning cattle pens or moving snow and maintaining the farmstead, Farmall Utility A tractors deliver all the power and traction you need.

    AXLE- Choose the best option depending on the traction and maneuverability your operation demands.

  • 2WD is ideal for lighter field work and maximum maneuverability.
  • Go with MFD for improved traction and increased power to the ground.
  • Tire Options- Bar tread- optimal traction for agricultural applications

  • Utility tread- a longer-life option for use on hard surfaces and a smoother ride while roading
  • Fenders- Farmall Utility A series tractors include fenders and handles for easy entry and exit.

    MAINTENANCE & UPTIME: Quicker to the Job with Farmall Utility A tractors let you get right to the task at hand without time lost on routine maintenance. After all, the sooner you get to work, the earlier you finish.

    Easy Access- A single-piece hood opens without tools. Gas struts support the hood when open for quick, easy access to engine components and checkpoints. Fueling is fast and easy with fuel-tank access from the ground or from the operator platform.

    Ground-Level Service- Easy maintenance with ground level access to engine, transmission, hydraulic and axle fluids.

    Uptime- Check and fill engine oil without opening the hood. A 600-hour oil-change interval reduces downtime and maximizes uptime.

    B&S Enterprises, Inc. Case IH Dealer and Technicians- Ready to handle any service issues to keep you going.

    LOADERS & ATTACHMENTS: Do More, Every Day While Farmall Utility A tractors give you the versatile workhorse you need at a great value, our full suite of implements and attachments help you accomplish more, more efficiently.

    Loaders- Case IH loaders are designed specifically for use with your Farmall Utility A tractor. These loaders feature structural strength and streamlined appearance. Integrated park stands and the quick connect system improve efficiency. The design of Case IH loaders lets you install and remove your loader in minutes.

    Mounting- Each loader includes mounting brackets for its corresponding tractor. Quick, easy mounting is a hallmark of Case IH loaders. Simply drive the tractor into the loader, put in the pins, attach the hydraulics and get to work.

    Attachments- Your Case IH dealer offers a full line of attachments to help you get the most productivity from your Farmall Utility A series tractor. Implements are quick and easy to hook up and include disc mowers, wheel rakes, round and square balers, rotary tillers, backhoes and many others.

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    B&S Enterprises, Inc. Case IH Dealer and Technicians- Ready to handle any service issues to keep you going.

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