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Case IH draper heads offer both rigid and flexible cutterbar configurations, variable draper speeds, a wide range of cutting widths, and a head-first feeding design for unmatched harvesting efficiency. Matched draper delivery openings and variable draper speeds provide uniform crop flow into the combine for unbeatable harvest performance. With model options from 25 to 45 ft widths, Case IH 3100 Series II draper heads offer industry-leading ground contour following, superior crop feeding, exceptional durability and simplicity. Case IH 3100 Series II draper heads have incorporated over 118+ improvements since the original launch of the 3100 Series.


  • 3152- The Draper Head 3152 features a durable, rigid cutterbar, variable draper speeds and is available in widths from 25-45 ft. for unmatched draper performance.
  • 3162- The Case IH 3162 draper head with TerraFlex flexible cutterbar, CentraCut knife drive, and range of cutting widths, delivers maximum productivity and performance.
  • ADVANCED CUTTERBAR TECHNOLOGY: In 2019, Case IH 3100 Series II model cutterbars feature stainless floors inserts for increased durability, trashbar options for improved performance in green conditions, easy in-field service and installation, and reinforced z-channel for improved cutterbar straightness.

  • TERRAFLEX CUTTERBAR- The advanced ground following capabilities of the Case IH 3162 Series II TerraFlex draper cutterbar allows you to harvest low podded crops with minimal waste, no matter what the terrain.
  • Make Adjustments From the Comfort of the Cab- Optional in-cab cutterbar adjustment allows the operator to fine-tune cutterbar pressure on-the-go to match field conditions. Additionally, cutterbar flotation, featuring air-bag suspension design, can be adjusted from inside the cab.
  • The TerraFlex cutterbar features a flexible range of movement, 3 inches up and 3 inches down for a total of 6 inches differential. Choose the tension to match field conditions, whether muddy and soft or dry and hard. The TerraFlex cutterbar can also be locked into a rigid position for harvesting tall crops. The optional Auto-Header Height Control can be used when in rigid position.
  • The TerraFlex cutterbar tension is controlled using a simple rubber torsion block that provides consistent response through the full range of cutterbar travel. The torsion arms can be adjusted individually to fine tune cutterbar pressure.
  • DURABLE RIGID CUTTERBAR- Case IH Draper Heads feature narrower end dividers on the cutterbars, reducing crop knockdown and increasing grain savings.
  • The Case IH 3152 Series II features a rigid cutterbar available in a variety of widths, ranging from 25 ft to 45 ft. The 3152 includes a reinforced z-channel for cutterbar straightness.
  • Tailor the cutterbar angle to optimize crop flow from the header to the combine from the comfort of the cab.
  • Optional Automatic Header Height Control (AHHC) allows the operator to maintain perfect height. The AHHC utilizes 4 upgraded sensors for increased accuracy. In 2019, AHHC features improved harness routing, improved CCM and UCM Software and Factory Fit Options for the Case IH 3152 Series II model.
  • KNIFE DRIVE: The CentraCut center-mounted knife drive improves performance and minimizes cutterbar vibration. The head is driven from the center, eliminating gear boxes on the ends of the header and allowing for much narrower dividers, reducing crop knock down.
  • The CentraCut center knife drive features a heavy-duty knife head and offers 2X the cutting force as dual wobble box and 3X the cutting force as a single wobble box. Helical cut gears ensure that the cutter bar never falls out of timing. If the knife drive becomes plugged, it is fully reversible from inside the cab. CentraCut has improved dirt evacuation flap and seals.
  • The CentraCut is a hydraulically driven mechanical drive, with adjustable knife speed on the back side of the header. This well-balanced knife drive is driven from the center, eliminating the need for a double knife drive.
  • REEL: The cam action reel found on all Case IH 3100 Series II draper heads positively engages then gently lifts the crop over the cutterbar and across the draper belt floor, reducing reel shatter. For different crop conditions the cam timing can easily be changed to provide different reel tine angles. In 2019, reel anti-wrap kits are standard equipment on all Series II draper heads. Additionally, the reel drive motor and reel travel, tine shape and design have all been upgraded.
  • DRAPER BELTS: The two side belts and two center belts gently convey the crop across the draper floor and into the feeder house so that the heads of the plant are always feeding first. 3100 Series II draper heads use WCCO belts for superior performance. Wide belts match the capacity of the combine. A Seed Saver Channel on the bottom edge of the draper belts allows the grain to be pulled in to the combine instead of being lost. If the draper belt is damaged, it can be serviced rather than replaced.
  • GAUGE WHEELS: Gauge wheels stabilize the header during cutting operations. The wheels are fully adjustable and spring loaded. 2019 improvements include: better visibility to gauge wheel lubrication interval; added life point on the gauge wheel assembly; and improved gauge wheel pivot pins.
  • FLOTATION/SUSPENSION: Case IH 3100 Series II draper heads are equipped with a new air-bag suspension system in the center section of the cutterbar to provide increased flotation across varying field and harvest conditions. Flotation can be adjusted from within the cab with improved flotation linkage geometry.
  • DRIVES: The 3152/3162 series draper heads uses a simple, but very heavy duty drive system. The feed auger utilizes a PTO shaft drive. When the header is engaged after being reversed the side drapers are delayed on engagement to prevent slugging the combine feeder house.
  • FRAME: The Case IH 3100 Series II draper heads have been designed from the ground up starting with the frame. All 3152/3162 frames are designed with fully welded construction to ensure strength and durability in the field. The frame has also been designed for simplicity. The 3152/3162 requires very little set-up and is simple to make adjustments as needed. Recent improvements include improved profile to z-channel connection, diagonal frame bracing and reinforced top beam. Narrow end dividers (6” width) reduce crop knockdown and increase grain savings.
  • TRANSPORT: The low speed transport system is available as an option for the 3100 Series II draper heads The transport wheels can be hydraulically deployed in less than 20 seconds from the comfort of the cab using the propulsion handle. This industry-exclusive feature eliminates the need for a header cart, saves time and provides a convenience that no other draper head offers.
  • MANUFACTURING: To ensure the highest levels of quality and reliability Case IH has made significant investments into header design and manufacturing. Case IH 3100 Series II draper headers are produced at the Case IH Combine Header Center of Excellence in Burlington, Iowa. The Burlington Assembly plant has a long history with harvesting products and originally began building Case combines in 1937. Today, the Burlington plant has gone through extensive renovations and has been completely retooled to incorporate the latest manufacturing technology and processes.
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