Module Express Cotton Pickers


The Case IH Module Express cotton harvester picks cotton at maximum efficiency and simultaneously builds ginner-friendly cotton modules dramatically reducing your equipment and labor investment while streamlining the harvest process. With a whopping 400 Horsepower engine, Picking speed UP to 5.2 MPH, and a Chamber capacity of 4,000-10,000 lbs.


  • Module Express 635- The new Case IH Module Express 635 on-board module-building cotton harvester offers unequaled cost-per-acre harvest savings. And with its 400 horsepower Case IH FTP 8.7 liter engine, it takes performance to a whole new level.
  • ENGINE: Case IH FPT 8.7 Liter Engine

  • Delivers 400 horsepower.
  • Proven to be 17.9% more fuel efficient than prior model years.
  • In-line 6 cylinder.
  • Wet sleeve cylinder design.
  • Bed plate block design.
  • Cross flow cylinder head.
  • Roller overhead camshaft.
  • Four valves per cylinder.
  • Intake air grid heater.
  • Fixed geometry turbocharged with waste gate.
  • Electronic high pressure common rail fuel injection

    At the heart of the Module Express 635 is the Case IH module building chamber. The module-building chamber is designed to vertically pack a transportable module with no exterior twine or plastic to worry about. A single operator runs one machine that goes from boll to module in one single step.

    Automatic Intelligent Auger Packing System- The Case IH module-building chamber incorporates a patented system of sensors and augers to move cotton automatically as the module is being compressed. It creates consistent, rectangular modules for excellent weather-ability and ginning. And the modules are purposely sized to maximize gin-feeding rates without adding any alterations or expenses.

    Standard "Half" Modules- At 8 ft x 8 ft x 16 ft (2 m x 2 m x 5 m), the modules produced by the Module Express 625 are the same height and width as a standard module but half the length. These 16 ft (5 m) “half” modules load and unload individually, yet two fit into a standard module truck like one traditional 32 ft (10 m) module.

    No Twine, No Plastic- The whole idea of new technology should be to maximize productivity without added expense. That's why Case IH modules are purposely sized to maximize gin-feeding rates without any modifications at the gin. And because there isn’t any plastic wrap or twine to buy or dispose of, it can't contaminate finished bales.


    The AFS Pro 700 Monitor brings enhanced processing speed, reduced overall size, and many other new features that are all designed to increase productivity, profitability and help maximize your farms' potential. By tracking percent full, module weight and bales per acre, you can easily plan drop-off points around the field that can be conveniently accessed for loading onto module trucks.

    Module Monitor- The module monitor provides operation status and percent full. In the majority of field length and yield possibilities, the Module Express 635 will be on a field end when the module is between 90 and 125 percent of normal size and ready to unload. This minimizes handling of the modules the module truck picks up the module right where it is unloaded.


    Because cotton plants have two sides, so why not pick both? Maximize your yield and profit by picking more cotton from both sides of the row. Get the most through plant penetration and picking efficiency more than an in-line drum that picks only from one side.

    Extenda-Wear Spindles- The Module Express 625 Cotton Picker features Extenda-Wear Plus spindles with a superior barb pattern of three rows of fourteen barbs. The first three barbs in each row are cut at a 30-degree angle to pick efficiently and help the cotton easily move off the spindle during the doffing process. For more efficient picking, the last 11 barbs are cut at a 45-degree angle. Extenda-Wear Plus spindles have 90-micron chrome thickness to provide you with maximum durability.


    Case IH engineers paid special attention to balance, weight distribution and flotation when designing the Module Express pickers to keep ground pressure low. 500/95–32 R1.5 dual-drive tires are used up front for high flotation, with large 23.5–26 steering tires on the powered rear axle.

    Balance of Power- A longer chassis also contributes to balance, and combined with the powerful engine, a three-speed hydrostatic transmission and all-wheel-drive, the Module Express 625 can harvest in difficult conditions as easily as it does on dry ground.

  • Along with the high-flotation dual tires, these design features make the Module Express 625 one brawny performer that's remarkably light on its feet.
  • Cross Flow Fan- After entering the fan, a vortex is created, which super charges the air flow, giving a full-balanced flow across the entire sieve.

  • Air enters the full width of the fan from the top not the sides resulting in superior air flow.
  • Cross Flow Cleaning System- In-cab sensor automatically detects when you’re maneuvering on uneven ground.

  • Oscillates front to back and side to side, creating an elliptical motion to evenly disperse the crop on the upper sieve maximizing cleaning capacity.
  • Increases productivity up to 20 percent, depending on the crop and conditions.
  • Tailings Design- Repositioned tailings elevator allows greater access to the right side of the combine for easier service and maintenance.


    Designed to Work Hard All Day, Day After Day

    Designed for Serviceability- For all its advanced features and enhanced productivity, the Module Express 625 actually requires less daily maintenance than a traditional basket picker. The two-function service tether allows the operator to easily perform service at ground level.

  • No need for hand cranks the Module Express 625 features a simple, hydraulic drum-spread providing full access to the two-sided drums or drum rotation at the touch of a button. And Case IH engineers added on-board module building functionality without requiring any additional service needs.
  • Extra-Large Tanks, Automatic Lube- With its 200 gal. (757 L) fuel tank, 365 gal. (1,381 L) water solution tank and an 80 gal. (303 L) bar lube tank, the Module Express 625 can pick all day on just one fill-up. And its standard automatic lube system runs for 16 minutes every fan hour saving an hour from your daily service routine.

  • Metered lubrication to drum gears, cam tracks, rollers, drum lift arms and fan bearings provides reliability of components and delivers a metered amount of grease to each component automatically.
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