Chisel Plow


The Case IH Flex-Till 600 chisel plow is durably designed to handle tough tillage conditions. Its range of shank spacing and trip point load options match your soil conditions so you can get better leveling, even in high-residue fields. Bringing you optional Working Widths from 26' 3"- 62' 0", Transport Widths from 18' 6"- 21' 8", with 27 - 81 Shanks and a 9" or 12" Shank Spacing.


  • Flex-Till 600- Look to the Flex-Till 600 for durability and Agronomic Design features.
  • CHISEL PLOW: Superior Soil Penetration and Accuracy the Flex-Till 600 is designed to handle tough tillage conditions and heavy residue with ease. It’s a workhorse that can handle virtually any deep-till or conversion tillage task. Its solid construction and range of options make this a versatile and efficient chisel plow that you can depend on.

    FRAME DESIGN: A Flexible Frame With Built-In Durability The Flex-Till 600 has a heavy-duty tubular frame construction designed to handle tough tillage conditions and heavy residue with ease. The flexibility provided by triangular design allows the frame to follow contours of the land, minimize frame stress, and maintain the depth you choose. Its center section and wings are constructed with diagonal hinge lines. High density polyurethane discs cushion the frame and absorb movement as the machine flexes.

    LEVELING & DEPTH CONTROL: More Accuracy for a Consistent Seedbed

  • Adjust depth quickly and easily across a variety of field conditions and maintain consistent depth control.
  • Single point hydraulic depth control and a floating hitch means more reliability and accuracy.
  • The mechanical linkage system translates the depth to the walking axles and front castors, ensuring that the depth is the same across the entire machine.
  • The walking beam axle adds another pivot point to the machine, helping to keep consistent seeding depth.
  • SHANK ASSEMBLY: Dependable, Strong and Versatile Its range of shank spacing and trip point load options make this chisel plow versatile and dependable.

  • 650 or 550 pound trip True Trip design allows openers to clear obstructions up to 10" high.
  • Shanks are available in 9 inch (229 mm) or 12 inch ( 305 mm) spacing in a variety of cutting widths to match needs and field conditions.
  • RESIDUE MANAGEMENT: Level Tough Residue

  • 3 bar HD harrows equipped with 3/8" x 16" coil spring tines.
  • Get better leveling, even in high-residue fields.
  • Heavy-duty components ensure reliable and low-maintenance operation.
  • Quick and convenient single-person lock-up. Adjustable tine angle, height and down pressure adjustment lets the operator set the harrow to suit specific conditions.
  • B&S Enterprises, Inc. Case IH Dealer and Technicians- Ready to handle any service issues to keep you going.

  • Contact B&S Enterprises your local expert to learn more, compare specs or schedule a demo.
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