Magnum AFS Connect Series


Each day in agriculture delivers new challenges and opportunities. Some you can control, and others, such as the weather, you cannot. One constant is your desire for independence, mapping your own path and seeing your operation succeed. The freedom to act on your own choices defines the new AFS Connect™ Magnum™​ family of tractors – now available in models from 180 to 400 horsepower.​ Experience a level of connectivity and remote viewing never before seen in a Magnum series tractor. It is connectivity that provides: freedom to share information with preferred providers, freedom to perform diagnostics remotely and freedom to make data-driven decisions related to operations performed by your AFS Connect Magnum tractor from anywhere. The AFS Connect Magnum gives you the freedom to farm the way you want.


  • AFS Connect Magnum 180- Efficient Power meets High-Efficiency farming in the AFS Connect Magnum 180. Available in CVXDrive or PowerDrive powershift transmissions.
  • AFS Connect Magnum 200- The completely redesigned cab complete with extra power sources and 360-degree view will make the working day fly by in the AFS Connect Magnum 200.
  • AFS Connect Magnum 220- The 6.7L 220 hp AFS Connect Magnum 220 offers state-of-the-art efficiency and versatility. Available in CVXDrive or PowerDrive transmission.
  • AFS Connect Magnum 240- Combining a standard CVXDrive transmission with all the effort-reducing capabilities of AFS, the AFS Connect Magnum 240 sets a new standard for High Efficiency Farming.
  • AFS Connect Magnum 250- Available in PowerDrive or CVXDrive transmissions, the AFS Connect Magnum 250 is powered by a Case IH FPT 8.7L engine, delivering 250hp with an additional 35hp to meet demands.
  • AFS Connect Magnum 280- The AFS Connect Magnum 280 is powered by a 8.7L Case IH FPT engine that delivers a max-boosted 320 hp and a PTO hp of 205 to muscle through all your row-crop operations. Available in either a CVXDrive and PowerDrive transmission.
  • AFS Connect Magnum 310- The AFS Connected Magnum 310 is a versatile machine offering the choice of RowTrac or wheeled configurations, CVXDrive or PowerDrive transmissions and the advanced technology of fully integrated AFS systems.
  • AFS Connect Magnum 340- The AFS Connect Magnum 340 offers exceptional traction with its available RowTrac configuration. Combined with a max-boosted 410 hp, there's enough power to the ground to get the job done in any conditions.
  • AFS Connect Magnum 380- The AFS Connect Magnum 380 comes with the CVXDrive standard. Choose wheeled or RowTrac configurations to get the optimum state-of-the-industry machine for your operations.
  • AFS Connect Magnum 400- The most powerful tractor in the AFS Connect Magnum™ series, the 400 combines all the capabilities of Case IH AFS with a 396 hp (non-boosted) and an impressive PTO 345 hp to handle any task, anytime. Available in wheeled and RowTrac configurations.
  • MODEL OPTIONS: Configurations to Fit Any Operation New AFS Connect Magnum tractors can be configured to fit your operation regardless of the demanding application.

    Wheeled- In a high-horsepower row crop tractor, you demand efficiency for maximum productivity. With reliable power, advanced hydraulics and an industry-best turning radius, no job is too tough.

    Rowtrac- When traction and agronomic advantages are essential to your operation, the AFS Connect Magnum Rowtrac™ tractors are the right choice. They provide fixed-frame configuration, turn like a traditional tractor and feature the same traction and flotation as all Case IH track systems.

    ENGINE: Fuel-Efficient Engines That Maximize Power Our 6.7- and 8.7-liter Magnum series tractor engines - produced by FPT Powertrain Technologies, one of the world’s largest engine manufacturers provide leading fuel efficiency while maximizing power.

  • Powerful- Up to 14 percent power growth to maximize performance in the toughest conditions with our 6.7- and 8.7-liter engines with FPT technology provide power and leading fuel efficiency
  • Smart- SCR only technology provides simplified emission compliance.
  • Exclusive engine brake option
  • Simple- Patented Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) only meets Tier 4 B/Final emissions standards.
  • No engine regeneration is required, so you can stay up and running all day long.
  • Proven- SCR-only solution continues to perform in the field with hundreds of thousands of engines in operation and counting.
  • TRANSMISSION OPTIONS: With two industry-leading transmissions to choose from, Case IH can deliver the optimal choice to match the requirements of your operation.

    CVXDrive Transmission Option- Built for simple operation, the CVXDrive transmission delivers the exact speed for your operation without compromise.

  • Go from zero to 25 mph standard (30 mph opt.) simply by moving a lever. CVXDrive automatically selects the best transmission range for the desired speed or load, eliminating the need for clutching and shifting.
  • PowerDrive Powershift Transmission Option- Proven 19-speed full powershift transmission delivers ultra-smooth shifting and power transfer for the field or road, allowing for maximum productivity.

    OPERATORS ENVIRONMENT: Unmatched Simplicity and Luxury in the Cab Engineers at Case IH started with a clean slate, then used years of research and input from our most qualified experts: you. The result is an interior finished with automotive quality materials and designed to provide an in-cab experience like no other.

    MultiControl Armrest- The MultiControl Armrest features eight configurable hot keys and four configurable electro-hydraulic remote (EHR) levers for increased convenience and productivity.

    Multiple Power Sources- Throughout the cab there are a variety of power sources - including USB charging outlets, 12V power ports, and even 120V power - to keep your essential electronics running.

    AFS Pro 1200- The AFS Pro 1200 features a crystal clear, LCD, 12 in. touchscreen display that provides critical information in a simple, easy to understand format.

    Storage & Visibility- More storage and better visibility comes from added cup holders, monitor mounts, and a new full glass door with no center pillar.

    EXTERIOR FEATURES & STYLING: Attractiveness Meets Functionality The AFS Connect Magnum series tractor has evolved styling and features to deliver exactly what you need to make your life easier and more productive.

    LED Grill Lights (optional)- New LED grill lights provide increased front and side visibility.

    360-Degree Egress Lighting- Located at every angle around the tractor to give you better visibility upon exiting the cab in low light situations.

    Four Camera Heads- Connections for 4 cameras are standard with technology cab packages. Front and rear cameras are included with the luxury cab package.

    Telescoping Mirrors- Electronic telescoping mirrors are controlled from the tractor cab for easy adjustments.

    Semi-active Cab Suspension (optional)- Improved cab comfort reduces operator fatigue for a smooth ride on long days in the field.

    Breakaway-style Marker Lights- Up your visibility with marker lights designed to break away if they encounter an obstacle but won’t break off.

    Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors- The optional tire pressure monitoring sensors allow you to monitor and view tire pressure through the AFS Pro 1200 display

    HYDRAULICS & HITCHES: Easier Hitch and Hydraulic Control From the Cab the updated MultiControl Armrest gives you easier access to control your hitches and hydraulics via built-in 3-point hitch control and Configurable electro-hydraulic remote (EHR) levers - all within reach from the cab’s luxury leather seat.

  • Robust, Configurable Hydraulics AFS Connect Magnum tractors provide up to 75 gpm hydraulic flow, allowing operators to run at lower engine rpm in order to conserve fuel without affecting operational performance. Choose between 3 to 6 remote valves to match your machines needs.
  • Hitch Options to Manage More Implements Category 4N/3 or 3N/3 rear hitches comes standard - depending on model - boasting a lift capacity up to 19,900 lb. Front 3-pt hitches - capable of 1,000 rpm PTO speed - are also available as factory-installed options on AFS Connect Magnum 250–380 models.
  • AXLES & SUSPENSION: Simple Design Meets Solid Construction for Consistent Dependability

  • Case IH MFD front axle with saddle suspension improves productivity through better traction, and front duals improve power to the ground to reduce compaction. The simple design and solid construction lends to improved stability - keeping you from bouncing and jarring in the cab - and minimizes the number of moving parts, which means fewer service requirements.
  • CONNECTIVITY AND SUPPORT: From remotely monitoring your Magnum tractor to seamlessly transferring data both to and from the tractor to trusted strategic partners the AFS Connect Magnum series tractors set new limits on what connectivity and productivity can mean to your farming operation.

    AFS Connect- The AFS Connect portal is a gateway to the AFS Connect Magnum series tractor. It allows you to precisely manage your farm, fleet and data from a desktop or tablet anywhere.

  • Share- Selected agronomic data down to the field level with trusted third-party partners of your choosing
  • View- Current field operations, fleet information, agronomic data and more.
  • Confirm- Your data is securely transferring to and from the cloud
  • Remote Capabilities- Added connectivity helps to maximize uptime and keep operators in the field via the following support features available in the AFS Connect Magnum.

  • Remote Service Tool- B&S Enterprises your local Case IH dealer can remotely diagnose maintenance and service issues and identify the parts you need to stay up and running without ever needing to visit the operation.
  • Remote Display Viewing- Allows a farm manager or dealer to view exactly what an operator is seeing on the AFS Pro 1200 display in the cab.
  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA)- Allows for dealers to push wireless updates to operating firmware.​
  • System Components- Three new system components enable you to configure precision farming functionality and tractor systems the way you want.

  • AFS Vision Pro Operating System- Familiar and easy to use like a phone or tablet. Configure the AFS Vision Pro operating system as you see fit, using technology to customize the tractor to your operating preferences.
  • AFS Pro 1200 Display- Our new display features anti-glare coating for better visibility, easy Bluetooth pairing to link a mobile device, and remote display viewing to connect operators with farm managers seamlessly.
  • AFS Vector Pro Receiver- Streamlines guidance correction options, ranging from base (WAAS and AFS 1) to medium (AFS 2) to high (RTK and AFS RTK+) accuracy levels. ​
  • MAINTENANCE & UPTIME: Whether you are three miles or 300 miles away, you can get the support you need from your knowledgeable Case IH dealer. New features allow them to better support you and your fleet remotely and in real time.

    Ground-Level Service- Ground-level fluid checks from a single location near the cab entry help you to stay on top of maintenance as quickly as possible.

    Right-Hand Service Steps- Make it easy to clean glass and adjust mirrors.

    600-Hour Oil Change Intervals- Stay in the field longer with Industry leading oil service change intervals.

    Remote Dealer Support- From setting up your new AFS Connect Magnum tractor to diagnosing machine codes, B&S Enterprise is just a call away to provide you remote support.

    B&S Enterprises, Inc. Case IH Dealer and Technicians- Ready to handle any service issues to keep you going.


    Loaders-The Case IH L785 and L795 loaders meet the needs of the full line of Magnum series tractors and feature fast, easy mounting and rugged, durable construction. Work with your Case IH dealer to identify additional loader options, attachments and accessories.

    Mounting- Quick, easy mounting is a hallmark of Case IH loaders. Your Magnum tractor arrives with all loader mounting brackets, a grill guard, mid-mount valves, in-cab joystick and hose kits.

    Attachments- Your Case IH dealer offers a full line of attachments to help you get the most productivity from your loader. Bucket options, forks, grapples, spikes, grips and cutters each attach quickly and easily.

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    B&S Enterprises, Inc. Case IH Dealer and Technicians- Ready to handle any service issues to keep you going.

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