Grain Heads


The Case IH rigid auger grain head is able to keep up with today’s high horsepower combines with its faster harvest speeds and the flexibility to handle a variety of diverse crop conditions – from downed and tangled crops to uneven terrain. With Cutting widths from 17-30 ft, Reel Diameter 42", Auger Diameter of 26" and Auger speed of 149 RPM.


  • 2030- The 2030 rigid auger header sizes are designed to handle a wide variety of crops in a wide variety of conditions, such as down crop, tangled crop, uneven terrain and muddy conditions.
  • HEAVY DUTY FRAME: Robust rigid frame, developed with advanced structural computer aided design techniques and includes two reinforced strengthening webs for max durability.

    Header Hook-up-

  • Easy latching
  • Single point Hydraulics
  • Dedicated electrical connector
  • Docking station storage
  • 60 degree free-rotation PTO shafts for easy connection.
  • Skid Shoes- Double skin design assures long term durability and reduce ground pressure exerted for optimized flotation with two adjustable shoes.

    Dividers- Short Dividers (adjustable) are standard with available Long (Folding) Dividers as optional.

    SIX BAT REEL: The Case IH 2030 six bat reel is designed to positively engage the crop, and then gently lift the crop and move it over the cutterbar and across the auger floor to be conveyed by the auger. The reel design and gentle crop engagement is imperative to ensure proper feeding and cutting to promote increased grain savings and grain quality.

  • Robust rigid frame, developed with advanced structural computer aided design techniques and includes two reinforced strengthening webs for max durability.
  • Header Hook-up- Large 107 cm reel diameter anti-wrap closed end shielding

  • 6 strong tine bars with sets of multi-coiled tines
  • Case IH traditional proven reel design
  • Tines can reach up to 3 in. (7.5cm) below knife-bar lifting crop at ground level
  • Lower knife damage, reduced repairs and increased productivity
  • Powerful Hydraulic Reel Drive- Simple drive-line hydraulically driven by gear reduction. Automatic reel speed control linked with ground speed.

    Reel Tines- Offset tines for an efficient pick up operation

  • Bolted-on reel tines, for easy replacement

  • Tough double cast steel fingers designed with internal knife guides which are maintenance free.
  • Standard self sharpening over- serrated knife
  • Bolted knife sections.
  • Spare knives section located under the left hand shield for quick and easy replacement.
  • Storage for a complete optional spare knife in the rear of the header frame.
  • Feed Plate- Available as a Dealer Installed Accessory (DIA)

  • Helps to lay the crop under the auger to optimize feeding.
  • Recommended in short straw crops.
  • Stone Protection Plate- Available as a Dealer Installed Accessory (DIA)

  • Helps to prevents stone damage
  • Assist feeding by tipping the crop into the auger
  • High Strength Wobble Box- Cast iron tensioning pulley maximizes belt wrap to improve durability and strength.

  • Heavy duty knife drive
  • FEEDING & CUTTING: Auger Base

  • Lift down crop
  • Driven with heavy duty chain from the header main shaft
  • Protected with a radial pin slip clutch
  • Standard 58 tooth sprocket and auger speed @ 149 rpm.
  • Optional 64 tooth slow down sprocket educes the auger speed down to 135 rpm.
  • Large 26 in. (660mm) diameter auger with 16 in. (406mm) diameter center tube and 5 in. (127mm) deep flights and single tines mounted evenly across the full width of the auger provide exceptional feeding in the toughest conditions.
  • Auger Tines- There are two tine options available for the 2030 header.

  • 16mm diameter retractable tines with synthetic guides ensuring quiet operation
  • Designed failure groove in the tine predetermines the point of failure and a pin located above retains the broken end within the auger.
  • Large inspection doors for ease of inspection and maintenance.
  • Optional High Abrasive Guides available for tough harvesting conditions.
  • Crop Lifters- Lift down crop

  • Stored in a convenient location on the right hand side of the header.
  • Flight Extensions- Flights are made of .25 in. (6mm) wear resistant steel for added strength

  • Optional Auger flight extensions are available.
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